Building constructionCollaboration is the key to any successful construction project because there are so many parties involved. There are also a lot of moving parts and opportunities for disputes to arise. Not to mention all of the legal hang issues that can occur. With the money you have on the line and the limited time frame in which you have to work, it is essential you hire an experienced construction attorney.

Construction attorneys offer assistance with every phase of the construction process. They have comprehensive knowledge of the planning, execution, and completion of projects and their experience allows them to think quickly and help you make important decisions. The best construction attorneys are able to offer valuable insight into construction law and it is an equally important component – contract law.

Here are five of the most important reasons why you need to hire a construction attorney:


  • Working with a construction attorney can help you avoid litigation. It is no secret that solid contracts are the key to avoiding legal problems, but even with an airtight contract in construction problems can arise. You can avoid the time-consuming and costly nature of litigation by having a construction attorney by your side right from the beginning of a project. They will help you reduce your risk for legal disputes and when they do occur, help you find the best possible option for resolving the matter.
  • Working with a construction attorney will make it easier to negotiate contracts. They can even help you deal with government contracts that are often a drain on your time and resources. You will have assistance navigating the frustrating world of negotiations and someone who will ensure you get the best possible contract and look out for your best interests.
  • Working with a construction attorney will help you avoid mistakes on the back-end. Anything can slow down a construction project and you need to be careful there are no issues with vendors or suppliers reacting to cash flow and other issues.
  • Working with a construction attorney means you will have the legal protection you need when you need it. There will not be any surprises and you will not need to worry when issues arise with unsafe working conditions or third-party liability problems. When you have an attorney in your corner, other people’s negligence will not damage your business or reputation.
  • Working with a construction attorney means you will not need to rely on your business’ general counsel for assistance in areas they might not fully understand. There are times when your general counsel can help you with contract or construction law issues, but it is rarely optimal. You want someone providing you with information and guidance that specializes in construction law. Not to mention your general counsel is likely already overwhelmed and cannot afford to take on extra issues.

If you are involved in a construction project or intend to be, you need an attorney on your side. Gary Lewis can help. Contact him to learn more about how his experience and expertise in the industry can help you with your projects.