Cincinnati Probate Litigation Attorney

Compassionate Cincinnati Ohio Attorney Confidently Handles Probate Litigation

With years of experience in probate litigation matters, Gary Lewis understands that some of the most emotionally trying times are when a loved one dies. To compound this issue, there may be confusion or mistrust regarding the will or the last moments of the loved one’s life, which can often cause probate litigation to arise. Probate litigation occurs when a person challenges a provision of a person’s will, the entirety of the will, a codicil to the will, the appointment of the personal representative or if you are embroiled in a contested probate case, Gary Lewis Attorney at Law in Cincinnati, Ohio can provide you with the confident and competent legal representation you deserve.

Providing Effective Legal Representation when Dealing with a Probate Challenge
There are many reasons why a challenge may be made to a person’s will, such as when an heir or beneficiary alleges:

  • Capacity issues– If the will did not provide beneficiaries with what they expected or there was a sudden change in the will shortly before death, the family may believe that their loved one did not have the necessary mental capacity to create the will or codicil. This can result in the family attempting to have the entire will invalidated, which can result in a previous will’s provisions ruling or in Ohio’s default laws of intestacy applying.
  • Undue influence– If one adult child provided care for the parent or someone got close to the loved one toward the end of their life, the remaining family members may believe that the will was constructed due to undue influence.
  • Lack of following requirements– Ohio residents must follow strict requirements when executing a will or codicil. If these requirements are not closely met, this can result in the will being invalidated.
  • Misconduct– The heirs or beneficiaries may allege that the executor has not handled the estate property correctly, has not paid on claims or has not distributed property correctly; they may seek redress at probate court.

Probate Litigation Involving Executors and Beneficiaries

If you are an executor who is facing a challenge in probate court or a beneficiary who needs to protect your rights by challenging the probate case, contact Gary Lewis Attorney at Law for personalized legal assistance.

Protecting Your Rights at Every Stage of the Process
When you are confronting a probate problem, it is critical to have expert legal assistance on your side. If you are afraid that your will may be challenged after your passing, contact our knowledgeable estate planning attorney who can provide you with a strategy designed to minimize the possibility of conflict. If you are a beneficiary or heir who believes some type of misconduct occurred, do not hesitate to contact an experienced probate litigation attorney. You have a limited amount of time to make your claim.

Contact a Dedicated Legal Advocate to Schedule a Confidential Consultation
If you have encountered a problem during the probate process, do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced Cincinnati probate attorney for help. These types of cases involve a sensitive approach and the exploration of various ways to resolve the problem. Structured negotiations may be able to bring about a preferable outcome to litigation. This may help keep your relationship with family intact and prevent additional legal expenses. However, if your case cannot be resolved outside the courtroom, it is important to have a skilled litigator by your side. With many years of legal experience behind him, Gary Lewis can expertly guide you through the legal process. You can schedule a confidential consultation with him by calling our Cincinnati, Ohio office at (513) 665-9222.