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Ohio’s consumer protection laws protect consumers from deceptive practices of businesses in Cincinnati, Ohio and throughout the state. Gary Lewis Attorney at Law shares this mission and fights zealously to protect our clients from unfair and deceptive business practices. For many years, our firm has provided expert legal assistance from an experienced team. We know the ins and outs of consumer laws. We can investigate cases and advise our clients of the best course of action. Our straightforward approach allows you to know your legal rights and to make decisions based on your best interests

Using Warranties to Protect Your Rights
When you purchase goods like materials or vehicles or services or services like home or vehicle repairs, you have certain consumer rights under Ohio law. These rights vary greatly depending on when you made the purchase and what the particular item or service is. Our dedicated legal advocates can explore which express and implied warranties apply to your case. We can also analyze whether breach of contract, fraud or other legal arguments are available and would be better able to protect your rights. Our expert staff can provide you with the expert advice and representation you need and deserve.

Protecting You from Illegal Debt Collection and Credit Reporting Practices
Debt collectors and creditors in Ohio have to follow strict rules regarding procedures to collect debt and reporting credit activity. For example, debt collectors must announce at the beginning of a call or in letters that they are attempting to collect a debt. They cannot call before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. If you ask for the debt collector to verify the debt, they must do so before taking further collection activity.
However, some debt collectors choose to violate the consumer safeguards that are in place. They may have disdain for these important laws and seek to use aggressive and illegal practices in the interest of greed. Our legal advocates can investigate your claim for violations of:

  • Truth in Lending Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Fair Credit Billing Act

When companies violate these important consumer protections, it is important for you to seek qualified legal assistance to protect your rights. If your rights as a consumer have been violated, you may be able to recover your actual damages, along with attorney’s fees and statutory damages.

Contact an Experienced Consumer Protection Lawyer in Cincinnati Ohio
Ohio has a variety of consumer protection laws that provide specific rights to people who purchase vehicles, computers, home improvements, financial services and other goods and services. However, to fully protect your rights, you will need the help of an Ohio lawyer who is familiar about these legal protections. To discuss your case in more detail with a knowledgeable Cincinnati consumer protection lawyer, call (513) 665-9222.